Why The Devil Attacks When You Live Righteously

By Derrick Byron | Jun 02, 2024

The devil intensifies his efforts to derail and discourage you when you commit to living righteously and doing what is morally right. His increased opposition and temptations are actually signs that you are making spiritual progress on the path of goodness, which threatens his dominion.

The more intense the devil's harassment, the more you are advancing in light and truth as a force for good he cannot ignore. His frenzied attacks are a backhanded compliment to the power of your righteous choices. Do not be deterred, for the battle itself is evidence you are becoming a threat to evil.

When the devil's tactics escalate, recognize it as a reason for hope and determination rather than defeat. Stay resolute through faith, scripture, and spiritual community, and he will eventually retreat in failure.

The attacks are fierce but temporary - persevere on the righteous path, and you will experience the profound peace that comes from conquering evil with good.

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