Lets Explore a Cave Portal with Calming Music

By Derrick Byron | Jan 30, 2024

Would you explore cave portals if you had the chance?

The concept of cave portals is often associated with mythology, ancient rituals, and fantasy games. In various cultures and historical contexts, caves have been believed to be portals to the underworld or otherworldly realms. For example, archaeologists have discovered caves containing artifacts and evidence of cultic activities, suggesting the belief in these caves as possible portals to the underworld. In the context of the fantasy game "Divinity: Original Sin," the Cave of Portals is a location within the game world. Additionally, in the game "Kingdom," there is a reference to cave portals regenerating after a certain period. These references reflect the diverse cultural and fictional interpretations of cave portals.

Some famous caves in Europe include:

1. **Postojna Cave, Slovenia**: This immense natural formation is one of the bestknown caves in the world, featuring over 24 kilometers of underground passages, galleries, and halls. It has been visited by more than 39 million people and is one of Slovenia’s bestknown attractions.

2. **Gouffre de Padirac, France**: Discovered by renowned explorer Edouard Martel, this breathtaking cave ranks among Europe's most impressive caves and has welcomed over 24 million visitors since 1899.

3. **Lascaux Cave, France**: A prehistoric marvel nestled in the Périgord region, this cave is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is known for its remarkable cave paintings.

4. **Wookey Hole Limestone Caves, England**: Located in Somerset, England, these caves have been visited by humans for 50,000 years and are known for their mesmerizing formations.

These are just a few examples of the many stunning caves that can be found across Europe.

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