Cinematic Drone Views of the Altai Mountains and Kurkure Waterfall with Cool Music.

By Derrick Byron | Feb 07, 2024

The Altai Mountains, a majestic range located in Siberia, Russia, are home to two natural wonders: the Kurkure Waterfall and the Multin Lakes. These sites offer breathtaking landscapes and are a testament to the natural beauty of the Altai region.

## Kurkure Waterfall

The Kurkure Waterfall is a striking feature located in the Altai Mountains. The name "Kurkure" translates to "furious," aptly describing the waterfall's powerful and untamed nature. It is formed by a small river, a tributary of the Chulyshman, which flows through a narrow gorge, creating numerous waterfalls. The most significant of these cascades plunges 30 meters down. The journey to the waterfall typically involves crossing the Chulyshman River by boat at a campsite and then trekking for 2-3 hours. The path to the waterfall is described as comfortable and smooth, without steep descents, ascents, or precipices, making it accessible even for children. The area around the waterfall is lush and humid, often forming rainbows when sunlight pierces through the spray, considered a good sign by visitors. The site is also popular among athletes for water sports like canoeing, rafting, and kayaking.

## Multin Lakes

The Multin Lakes are a series of high-altitude lakes nestled within the Altai Mountains, offering a remote and pristine environment for outdoor enthusiasts. These lakes are part of a cascade system on the slope of the Katunsky Range, each echoing the beauty of the other. The Multinsky Lakes consist of the Lower, Middle, and Upper Multin Lakes, along with several others like the Transverse, Early Transverse, and Glorious Girl's Lake. The largest, Nizhny (Lower) Multin Lake, is situated at an altitude of 1700 meters, while Lake Kuiguk, another notable lake in the vicinity, is located at 2200 meters. The area is celebrated for its scenic beauty and is a paradise not only for sportsmen and nature lovers but also for photographers seeking to capture the stunning landscapes.

Both the Kurkure Waterfall and the Multin Lakes are emblematic of the Altai Mountains' untouched wilderness. They offer visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of Siberia, from the furious beauty of the Kurkure Waterfall to the serene and reflective waters of the Multin Lakes. These destinations are ideal for those seeking adventure, tranquility, and a deep connection with nature.

The best time of year to visit the Kurkure Waterfall and Multin Lakes in the Altai Mountains is during the summer months, from June to September. This period offers warm weather, clear skies, and access to highland trails and stunning landscapes. The summer season in the Altai region is characterized by daytime temperatures of about +20 to +25 degrees Celsius, which are quite warm, and cooler temperatures at night. This is the peak tourist season, as it allows for a full range of activities, including hiking, climbing, and water sports.

For those interested in witnessing the unique natural phenomenon of the maralnik bloom, which turns the Altai mountains purple, the beginning of May is the ideal time. However, it is important to note that July is the warmest and also the rainiest month, which might affect outdoor activities.

In summary, for general outdoor activities and to experience the full beauty of the Kurkure Waterfall and Multin Lakes, plan your visit between June and September. If you are interested in the maralnik bloom, consider early May, but be prepared for a higher chance of encountering tourists.

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